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Gosick is most certainly not for the faint of heart, with it's grotesque dead bodies and it's ghost story violence, it is enough to make many people wary to watch it. Gosick however, is a great anime with a good plot- Victorique is a doll-like genius who often helps the police solve crimes. She truly looks like a female Sherlock Holmes, with her long blond hair and porcelain pipe. Kujo on the other hand is just the opposite- tall and dark, he is a Japanese boy sent over to the made-up European country of Sauville, and then to the St. Marguerite Academy, known for it's hauntings, and ghost tales. 

On his 1st day, he is immediately shied away from by his fellow students, who call him the Springtime Reaper. While in the library, he notices a golden garden at the very top of the tower. Climbing up, he meets Victorique and the inspector of the police, Grevil de Blois, an obnoxious man who has the most ridiculous pomade. He charges Victorique with solving the murder of a fortune teller, Roxanne, shot through the left eye, with the entire household outside the door, and no weapon found in the room when the door is opened. She quickly solves the case, saying that the when Arabic-speaking maid called out, she did not in fact try to see if her mistress would open the door, but instead told her that her life was in danger and to move away from the window near the door. She then went into the next room and got out a pistol-kept for defensive reasons-and shot the door lock and her mistress at the same time.

When the inspector takes credit for Victorique's work, Kujo is angry and goes to tell off the inspector, but instead, winds up making plans to take a cruise with the inspector and Victorique.  But when the maid escapes, and the inspector has to rush off, Victorique finds a invitation addressed to the dead Roxanne. They use the invitation, and wind up on an exact replica of  Queen Berry, a boat that sunk 10 years ago after 11 children, referred to as the hares,  murdered each other inside.  One by one, the dinner guests die, until there are just four left-Victorique, Kujo and two others. Trying to free themselves from the sinking ship, Ned-san one of the remaining four is killed. The three run for the nearest room and start to look for weapons. They are too late however, because the "hunting dog" has entered the room holding a large scythe. He grabs up Victorique, but Kujo saves her by hitting the man in the face with brass knuckles. They continue to fight, and instead of leaving, Victorique searches for her most treasured possession, a locket that fell of during the struggle.  They then run up on deck, leaving the man unconscious in the room.

They then ask her how she knew Ned (the man in the room) wasn't dead. She tells them about a tennis ball used to temporarily stop his pulse, but is interrupted by Ned emerging from the lower flowers and attacking.  Julie, the third lady, stabs Ned in the back with his own scythe, as he is about to kill Kujo.

Julie, however, turns out to be the culprit behind the whole thing. Upon being pressed, she reveals what truly happened 10 years ago.(Different colors represent different voices, Julie is denoted by Green, the others are nameless):

                 " We were all orphans. Ten years ago, I was put on a big black iron-barred carriage. I lost consciousness and woke up on that cursed ship.Our nationalities were different, so even our conversations were faltering. But because our circumstances were the same, we were able to communicate.And yet.... (FLASHBACK- hey, who killed him? What do you mean who? We are the only ones on this ship.One of us is the killer! END FLASHBACK) His death was the catalyst that made us suspect each other, and then murder each other.But even so,(FLASH BACK- Hey, your bleeding, wait here, while I...(girl hands Julie heart pendant) You're giving that to me? But you said it was precious to you! END FLASHBACK) Even amongst the bloodshed,I found a modicum of friendship. (FLASHBACK-I'm not leaving you here! ( Julie lifts girl onto shoulders) We're going together!We're Escaping together!-END) My mind was on the verge of snapping, but I held it at bay, and we finally arrived. (FLASHBACK-(other group=There it is! The Radio Room! Julie-Help will be here soon! (they are greeted by a line of men, one is standing and says- Welcome Courageous Hares! The men begin applauding. One asks-Where is my ally? Another-Tell us your nationalities, which rabbits survived? The hunting dog speaks- France, Italy, America,and Saubure. Julie- You! One man begins to explain- Oh-He's England, the hunting dog.He preformed his role splendidly. That is, he threw you hares into a state of chaos, and drove you into a corner. Roxanne wheels forward and announces that a young man will die soon.THE RUNNING OF THE HARES WILL END HERE!Sink the box immediately and fulfill the revelation! Then Fatten up the hares!-End) -Julie,GOSICK

Then, Victorique begins discussing the reasons behind the events that Julie had just described. Apparently, Roxanne would release hares among her hunting dogs, and predict the future from the hares that survived. She used this particular incident to predict what would happen during the Great War. The maid, the one that shot Roxanne, was one of the survivors of the Queen Berry, and killed Roxanne for her part in the tragic events.

Again enraged, Kujo runs all the way up the stairs back at school, to show Victorique that Inspector Blois has used her logic AGAIN! She is not phased, merely saying her brother is an egomaniac. It turns out that Victorique and Grevil are half-siblings, her mother was his fathers mistress and, according to her, a dangerous woman.
GOSICK started as a light novel series, then became a manga and an anime. The anime currently has four episodes out, and the 5th is slated to come out February 4th.

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