Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paint it White: the Hetalia Movie

Paint it White starts out as like any other Hetalia episode, with a character, in this case Iceland, sitting out in the middle of his country talking about his problems.  Then, Iceland disappears, and you see a nameless girl running through darkened streets. She is screaming for help, and seeings a police man, she runs toward him. But when she reaches him, he turns toward her, and has a blank white face, and a glowing antenna, not unlike one of those bio-luminescent fish. 

When she turns to run, she see's that there are thousands of them behind her and that she is trapped. She is engulfed in the crowd and suddenly, all you see is an alley with the police car, and flowers and spirals, like those in Marukaite Chikyuu, flowing from another side street. It goes from horror film beginnings to this in seconds:

It's rather unnerving really, the sudden change. She becomes one of the white bodies and the scene cuts to the conference room where all the main characters/countries are sitting. 

As usual, America is talking, England is drinking tea and Italy, is well, Italy. But the odd thing is America is making sense! He's speaking about the crisis, and he is logically going over the various ways to retaliate, and is providing information on the blobs, who his alien friend, Tony,  says are called "noppera' and hail from the planet Pict. Japan then explains that there is a "nopperabou" that are monsters of legend in Japan. Because of his knowledge, his loyalty is called into question, leading to Japan's semi panic attack.

Fortunately for Japan, America demands order-again out of character- and goes one with his plan,  He's the hero! Most of the nations refuse to be part of his plan, Japan says he'll lend money but not his army, Russia agrees to fight, until he learns he'll be America's backup. And Italy says his only allegiance is to the white flag.He then proceeds to try to sell white flags in the conference center. They go on figting about the trivial until Germany can't take it any more. He starts yelling at them, but unlike in the 1st episode of Hetalia, they don't listen, and go on babbling.

Then Germany decides that talking to them would be a waste of time. He announces that he will fight on his own, and they should do they same.
After they all leave, the scene changes to the familiar opening, and then continues on to  Prussia, of all people, hosting a talent show.This part is completely random, and both of his singers, Ukraine and Belarus, don't show up. 

There's another scene change, this time to a city scape. Looking up at the sky you see glowing balls of that same green light. These pods burst and that same flowery substance engulfs the city, every thing turns white. But when America-san tries to fight back, his missiles are painted white as well.  On to Russia's home where they paint everything, except Russia, white. It appears that Russia is invincible, nothing seems to work on him, Busby's Chair to Noppera. The same thing happens to France, China, Japan,Britain and Italy, and even Germany cannot withstand their attack, his army falls prey as well.Even Romano, when he is trying to find his brother is painted white, and becomes a noppera. The other countries, Finland, Greece and his cats, are changed as well. However, Switzerland and Liechtenstein's old habit of being neutral seems to be protecting them rather well.... 

In a urgently called  meeting, all the countries agree to work together. Then, America's friend Tony calls to say he has created a website about Pict, and has uploaded all the pertinent information. They then proceed to watch a  short film about Pict and it's people. They discover the reason Earth has been targeted is because they are known for fighting amongst themselves, and are considered an underdeveloped planet by the rest of the Universe. Then, as they are talking to Tony, he is painted white. That same light also begins to appear outside their hiding place as well.  They run outside in time to witness all the little balls of light forming into a huge mass. This mass in turn becomes- a UFO, and behind this UFO is an army, created out of all of the  people and Tony, that were painted white. But instead of attacking, they begin to enter the ship.

They decide to sneak into the ship and learn the noppera's weaknesses, but they cannot figure out how to to sneak in without being seen. For once, Italy's white flags come in handy. He has created noppera costumes out of them. Once on board, they split up into 3 teams: England and France, America, China and Russia, and then Italy, Japan and Germany.  France and England find an information center, but then are captured and fall down a tunnel.  America, China and Russia find what appears to be the power source of the ship, but can't figure out how to turn it off. They accidentally sent off an alarm system. While they are being chased, they run into England and France. Literally. The tunnel they fell into comes out in that hall way. They are trapped in a dead end, about to become noppera, when from the floor above, comes the sound of a violent struggle. It appears Italy brought his cat with him, and Germany became annoyed by it. Anyway, they fell through the floor and are all trapped. 

While stuck in this desperate situation, Japan tries the only option left-diplomacy. The only one who agrees immediately is America, and he begins to laugh. This completely confuses the people of Pict, which is understandable. America's laugh, while not as bad as Light's dying laugh(Death Note), is very creepy. China catches on quickly too, and he takes them all to a Chinatown to eat. He also puts on a show for them. Upon being asked if they liked it, they answer in unison: It was....odd. Next up is France, who provides the best wine and food he has to offer. He receives the same reaction as China-san.  Next on the bill is Russia, who makes Latvia, Lithuania and Poland preform a ballet.
Understandably, they think that It's....Odd.Then comes Germany. Who is either REALLY scared, or trying to be nice again, we're not sure which. He serves premium beer. Now, it's America's turn. He brings them, of all things, Las Vegas, complete with slot machines, and girls in bunny outfits. Next is Japan, who holds a traditional festival for  them.Then, England provides them with souvenirs, but inside are England's famous scones, which are not odd, but according to the noppera, nasty.  Just as all hell is about to break loose, Italy saves the day buy asking them to come play with him. While they are distracted, our heroes make a run for it.  they kick out a door in the side of the UFO and jump. As they fall, the noppera send a hail of glowing green blobs after them. 

During the fall, Germany is separated from the rest of them, and starts walking aimlessly through the jungle. As he walks through the jungle, he delivers a very depressing  monologue, he has given up, and just as he succumbs, he see's a light a short way away in the forest. When he reaches the light, he finds Italy. One by one, the others stumble out of the darkness to stand beside him. Somehow, Italy has managed to make pasta.  But just as you think it can't get any better,  their all alive, there is good Italian cooking ready, guess who show up? Sealand! As they eat they discuss the days events, only to be interrupted by the arrival of the noppera. 

Sealand runs ahead, trying to save the others. Poor little Sealand is painted white, as he tries to help. In a tense moment, the UFO lands in the water and thousands of wires come shooting out of it,a s well as all the monuments from Germany, France, America, and the rest. Frightened, Italy runs off into the darkness.  Out of the doors of the ship run tens of thousands of noppera, bet on attack.  During the fight, China's hands are painted white, and as America tries to go help, his legs are engulfed.One by one the others fall, until only Germany is left standing. Even Germany eventually falls.  Out of the dark come Italy, just in time tho see the  others become noppera.Germany's last words as he collapses order Italy to smile.

Remember Grandpa Rome's songs that helped out the Axis during "Crying Out SOS from the Center of the World"? Well, just as Italy is about to be painted, the song for Heaven plays. Then we see Grandpa Rome, up on a stage, dressed like a member of the band, Kiss. He continues to sing, and then moves on to the song for Hell.  He finishes and vanishes.

At Italy's feet is a felt tip pen. With it, he draws faces for the noppera. One the faces of his friends, he draws them as he remembers them- Germany as angry, France as overly cheerful and so on. With the drawing of the faces, the noppera begin to return to normal, Germany is the 1st to dissolve. Slowly everyone and everything changes back to normal. The bubble that caused all the trouble to begin with floats toward Italy, and reveals itself to be a young girl, who promises everything will return to normal.However, she takes the felt tip pen back with her.

However, after the credits role, you see Iceland with a part of the green flower glob and tourists all around it. It appears that the whole thing was Iceland's way of getting tourism, which he said was lacking in the very beginning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Tradgedy: Japan and the Aftermath

As you all know, Japan has been struck by a terrible earthquake, and a tsunami, and to top it off the town where it got hit hardest has a couple of nuclear reactors. Our hearts go out to those who are stuck in Japan, those who have lost their homes, are in hospitals, and especially those who cannot find news of their loved ones.  There are things you can do to help:
Tinier Me is selling special items, and the proceeds from the G-coins go to Japanese aid:
Text "Red Cross"  to 90999 and $10 will automatically be charged to your phone bill as a donation. Go to
Buy from J-box this month, and 5% of your purchase will got to the fund.(They will also try to help use ground phones in Japan to contact your loved ones if you can't reach them. See their Facebook/Twitter page.)

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Tokyopop Releases

Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho Vol. 7

Chibi Vampire: The Novel Vol. 8

Happy Cafe Vol. 7

Maid Sama! Vol. 8

Red Hot Chili Samurai Vol. 4

Skyblue Shore Vol. 2

StarCraft: Ghost Academy Vol. 3

Warcraft: Shadow Wing Vol. 2: Nexus Point
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