Thursday, October 28, 2010

The World Only God Knows

The World Only God Knows is an anime about Keima Katsuragi, a gaming world god. He has defeated ten thousand heroines from dating-sim games, when he receives a challenge- however there is one hitch, this challenge is from Hell, and the Demons who reside there.
Elsea de Lute Irma, who goes by Elise or El, comes to him, and informs him he has signed a contract to help her find "loose souls". Loose Souls are evil spirits who have escaped from Hell, bent on causing mischief.
Keima has to use his knowledge of virtual girls to help him capture the loose souls. The easiest way to capture them is to replace them in the heart of the girl they have inhabited by making them fall in love with him.
This is a decent series with good art, and a entertaining plot line.
Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 Afgan-tan is an adorable telling of the history of the middle east. It is really short too, just 26 episodes and a bonus episode. It doesn't take long to read, the drawings are great, and it includes footnotes explaining what is going on if you are confused.All in all, its a good time passer.
You can read it here:
Ninja Girls is drawn by an artist who clearly has talent, but has chosen to draw a pointless story full of scantly clad females who do nothing but strip, fight over their "Lord" who happens to  look like he is  a twelve year old, and use fighting styles like "Masochistic Bondage" style.

In the 1st book, all that happens is he is attacked by Kagari who's life he has saved, only upon seeing the horn on his head, she immediately drops into a bow and says she is a faithful ninja, and would die for him.
He is then almost instantly attacked again, by yet another ninja- whom is known by  Kagari. Kagari saves him from attack by Kisarabi by slamming her overly large chest into him, squashing him flat.
Then comes the arrival of the third ninja, Himemaru- who spirits him away in the dead of night after  leaving Kagari in tied up in some sort of bondage scenario.
The story progresses nowhere and is completely undeserving of its 16+ rating. In my opinion, this book needs a M rating and a parental advisory sticker on the front. No self respecting manga lover would buy this excerpt out of a pervert's heaven. The fact that it has at least three books astounds me.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rin and Len- Append Power

Here is Len and Rins most recent song disclosed to the public on Hatsune Miku's Facebook Page- Append Power.
Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kanaon Spoiler

I'm not sure I'll be able to finish this one. It's hard to watch as Makoto dies-infront of her friends-unknowing, slowly remembering things. And it's sad that they can't do anything to help her. it's like in the opening song she just "smiles to the very end". Plus, I'm only on episode 10. there are 24 episodes. How much worse can it get??
Friday, October 8, 2010

Tsubasa: those with wings

Tsubasa Those with Wings is a trilogy by Natsuki Takaya, author of Fruits Basket (Furuba) and Songs that Make You Smile- a collection of shorts.

Set in the 22nd century, where all the world has been broken up into three major countries, ex thief Kotobuki and her ex-army friend Raimon go on a long adventure, risking their life and falling in love ♥? With help from Shoka, Kotobuki's ditzy thief friend, Shoka's lackeys, and Adelaide, a brilliant business girl, and rich friend,and Yan, the young leader of a  they trace Tsubasa, a mysterious artificial pair of human brains, that have the ability to grant wishes, all the way to now-mythical Japan.

Kotobuki  is the only one to see Tsubasa in action, until she begs it to forgive her and the rest of human kind; However, she has one main goal, to free Raimon from his army superiors, who exert some sort odd control over him.
Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Vocaliod

Nekomura Iroha has joined the others and become a Vocaliod.“Hello Kitty to Issho! x Vocaloid” was hinted at by Sanrio in August at Comiket 78. at that time, it was thought that RIO, designed by kittlyer, would be the official mascot. However this is not true.
However, RIO is in the new PSP game, or so it appears.
 She has received slight design updates, and is scheduled to air on Oct. 22, 2010.The price is 15,750 Yen.The 1st press edition will include a bonus CD, containing  the songs: Tsubasa and ABBEY FLY.
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

tinier me's b-day

So, its tinier me's 1st birthday, and they have lots of stuff to do. like, help bake a cake, a new gatcha, get a free background and a gatcha ticket campaign.

I realize i post a lot about tinier me. Do you think i should just make it it's own update page? vote on the side of the site now. 

Anywho, come join the fun over at tinier me as we help celebrate the 1st birthday of tinier me.

As an added incentive, you will earn three rewards once the cake meter is full, in addition to your background. 

We'll see you there!


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