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Gosick is most certainly not for the faint of heart, with it's grotesque dead bodies and it's ghost story violence, it is enough to make many people wary to watch it. Gosick however, is a great anime with a good plot- Victorique is a doll-like genius who often helps the police solve crimes. She truly looks like a female Sherlock Holmes, with her long blond hair and porcelain pipe. Kujo on the other hand is just the opposite- tall and dark, he is a Japanese boy sent over to the made-up European country of Sauville, and then to the St. Marguerite Academy, known for it's hauntings, and ghost tales. 

On his 1st day, he is immediately shied away from by his fellow students, who call him the Springtime Reaper. While in the library, he notices a golden garden at the very top of the tower. Climbing up, he meets Victorique and the inspector of the police, Grevil de Blois, an obnoxious man who has the most ridiculous pomade. He charges Victorique with solving the murder of a fortune teller, Roxanne, shot through the left eye, with the entire household outside the door, and no weapon found in the room when the door is opened. She quickly solves the case, saying that the when Arabic-speaking maid called out, she did not in fact try to see if her mistress would open the door, but instead told her that her life was in danger and to move away from the window near the door. She then went into the next room and got out a pistol-kept for defensive reasons-and shot the door lock and her mistress at the same time.

When the inspector takes credit for Victorique's work, Kujo is angry and goes to tell off the inspector, but instead, winds up making plans to take a cruise with the inspector and Victorique.  But when the maid escapes, and the inspector has to rush off, Victorique finds a invitation addressed to the dead Roxanne. They use the invitation, and wind up on an exact replica of  Queen Berry, a boat that sunk 10 years ago after 11 children, referred to as the hares,  murdered each other inside.  One by one, the dinner guests die, until there are just four left-Victorique, Kujo and two others. Trying to free themselves from the sinking ship, Ned-san one of the remaining four is killed. The three run for the nearest room and start to look for weapons. They are too late however, because the "hunting dog" has entered the room holding a large scythe. He grabs up Victorique, but Kujo saves her by hitting the man in the face with brass knuckles. They continue to fight, and instead of leaving, Victorique searches for her most treasured possession, a locket that fell of during the struggle.  They then run up on deck, leaving the man unconscious in the room.

They then ask her how she knew Ned (the man in the room) wasn't dead. She tells them about a tennis ball used to temporarily stop his pulse, but is interrupted by Ned emerging from the lower flowers and attacking.  Julie, the third lady, stabs Ned in the back with his own scythe, as he is about to kill Kujo.

Julie, however, turns out to be the culprit behind the whole thing. Upon being pressed, she reveals what truly happened 10 years ago.(Different colors represent different voices, Julie is denoted by Green, the others are nameless):

                 " We were all orphans. Ten years ago, I was put on a big black iron-barred carriage. I lost consciousness and woke up on that cursed ship.Our nationalities were different, so even our conversations were faltering. But because our circumstances were the same, we were able to communicate.And yet.... (FLASHBACK- hey, who killed him? What do you mean who? We are the only ones on this ship.One of us is the killer! END FLASHBACK) His death was the catalyst that made us suspect each other, and then murder each other.But even so,(FLASH BACK- Hey, your bleeding, wait here, while I...(girl hands Julie heart pendant) You're giving that to me? But you said it was precious to you! END FLASHBACK) Even amongst the bloodshed,I found a modicum of friendship. (FLASHBACK-I'm not leaving you here! ( Julie lifts girl onto shoulders) We're going together!We're Escaping together!-END) My mind was on the verge of snapping, but I held it at bay, and we finally arrived. (FLASHBACK-(other group=There it is! The Radio Room! Julie-Help will be here soon! (they are greeted by a line of men, one is standing and says- Welcome Courageous Hares! The men begin applauding. One asks-Where is my ally? Another-Tell us your nationalities, which rabbits survived? The hunting dog speaks- France, Italy, America,and Saubure. Julie- You! One man begins to explain- Oh-He's England, the hunting dog.He preformed his role splendidly. That is, he threw you hares into a state of chaos, and drove you into a corner. Roxanne wheels forward and announces that a young man will die soon.THE RUNNING OF THE HARES WILL END HERE!Sink the box immediately and fulfill the revelation! Then Fatten up the hares!-End) -Julie,GOSICK

Then, Victorique begins discussing the reasons behind the events that Julie had just described. Apparently, Roxanne would release hares among her hunting dogs, and predict the future from the hares that survived. She used this particular incident to predict what would happen during the Great War. The maid, the one that shot Roxanne, was one of the survivors of the Queen Berry, and killed Roxanne for her part in the tragic events.

Again enraged, Kujo runs all the way up the stairs back at school, to show Victorique that Inspector Blois has used her logic AGAIN! She is not phased, merely saying her brother is an egomaniac. It turns out that Victorique and Grevil are half-siblings, her mother was his fathers mistress and, according to her, a dangerous woman.
GOSICK started as a light novel series, then became a manga and an anime. The anime currently has four episodes out, and the 5th is slated to come out February 4th.

http://www.watchanimeon.com/anime/gosick/  (picture of Victorique only)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gosick  (Light Novel Cover)
Video from:
Watch GOSICK at Watchanimeon.com/anime/gosick
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Touhou Project Episode 1 Review

The Touhou Project is a 12.8 collection of video games for Windows XP. Everything in the Touhou Project's numerous games came from one source : Team Shanghai Alice. This team is made stranger by  the fact that it consists of one member-ZUN. Above is a screeenshot from ZUN's own website. the series began with Highly Responsive to Prayers, and was released to the Japanese market. Four more versions were released between August 1997 and December 1998. Then Project Touhou went inactive, resuming 3 years later when ZUN split from Amusement Makers. The number of official games, fan books, anime and manga have been steadily increasing since then.

And there is an anime to accompany the video games, however, it is fan-made and unofficial, and the art is not nearly as good, not by a long shot. It was slated for release at Comiket 75.

When the 1st episode commences, you here a voice telling you all about the land they live in Gensoyko. After she is finished, a clumsy girl named Sukia appears, and begins rummaging around in a bunch of boxes. And, promptly falls over. Then enters Reimu, who complains quietly about not being able to prepare for the feast, as only the clumsy Sukia dained to show up.

Once they leave the small room, Reimu sends Sukia off shopping, and begins to set some things up, only to realize her donation box is gone. She then begins to wander around in what appears to be a drunken stupor.

While she contemplates the disappearance of the donation box, she is startled to hear a suggestion from Aya-chan. Aya offers help in finding the box, but is refused, on the count that she will "only take photos again." Aya claims she has the best intelligence gathering abilities, based on the  fact that she is a journalist.  Without waiting for an answer, Aya runs off in search of her assistant, using a spell card to transport her away at the speed of light. Her assistant turns out to be an in-pain Marisa. Who immediately protests, saying she didn't steal it.  Marisa is caught up in the search, protesting all the way. Aya  blackmails Marisa into helping, claiming some scandalous photos may have to go public.

Meanwhile, Sukia returns to a deserted house, her shopping completed. But the others have ventured to Scarlet Devil Mansion to look for the donation box.While Marisa expresses her doubts to Reimu, Aya is busy snapping away photos of a sleeping guard.  Perhaps one day, she will use these as black mail too? There is of course more, but you must watch the episode for that.

Sources and Links:
http://www.watchanimeon.com/images/1557.jpg  (the image for the anime cover)
http://kourindou.exblog.jp/12990219/ Zun's webpage, Japanese
http://pds.exblog.jp/pds/1/201007/23/42/e0088742_1434782.jpg (ScreenShot)
http://www.watchanimeon.com/touhou-anime-project-episode-1/72297  (Episode 1)
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Death Note Black and Blacker....

While there have already been two Death Note movies, one fan-fiction, and the series told from the eyes of Shingigami, this one is to be the series as it happened in the book, rather like the anime, but not quite so long.It will be written and  directed by Shane Black, and produced by Warner Bros.

The other black is a new collection of the Death Note Books. Not really anything overly special.
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3DS Release Date

Nintendo's 3DS, a 5th generation model of Nintendo's original hand-held system, will be released in Japan on Feb. 26th, and will cost roughly 25,000 yen, or 300$ US and £219. The system, while looking similar to the DSLite and the DSI, has some new features. All games are in 3D, and you don't need the glasses. It is backwards compatible with the DSLite and the DSI. It will also have a virtual console for GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and GameBoy advance games. It has a gyroscope, or a tilt sensor, that will detect the movement of  the console, no unlike the Wii and some of the Apple products. The tentative US release date is November 20th.  Some new games to be released for the system include an updated Animal Crossing, and Kid Icarus:Uprising.

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Kanon Episode 16 Review

  Tragedy after tragedy befall the girls of Kanon. One of their number, Makoto dies in Yuuichi's arms, then Mai-chan injures both herself and her only real friend, Sayuri rather badly. Shiori is still ill and something seems to be bothering Nayuki. The only one not in pain at the moment seems to be Ayu-chan.

  But that too is temporary. Akiko-san falls ill and Ayu is reminded of her mother as she died. However, Akiko's protests that she merely has a cold do not fully convince Yuuichi, Ayu or Nayuki. But after a little trouble involving rice porridge and medicine, Ayu succeeds in helping Akiko to recover.

  One of the happier happenings this episode was Shiori's date with Yuuichi. They go to an arcade, and then to the place that Shiori 1st met Ayu and Yuuichi. From there, they go on to having a snowball fight, and build a snowman, and finally, Shiori draws Yuuichi's picture... Even this happy day ends bitterly, for she asks Yuuichi to take her to their school, and there, she tells him about her collapse, and her inability to return to school afterword. One's suspicions about Shiori's health are confirmed, and she tells him that she has been very sick since her birth.

  After that, Shiori's sister's identity is confessed- Kaori.Kaori gives Yuuichi some hard news, Shiori's birthday is in a week and that week will probably be her last. Her doctors say that Shiori will not live to see her birthday this year. Kaori breaks down crying, and tells him that she ignored her sister, pretended she didn't exist because it was to painful to watch her grow weak and die. Wishes she had never had a sister, and demands of Yuuichi why her sister was born, only to die so soon.

  Was it the intention of the author to drive watchers to the verge of tears every episode? If so than they succeeded. Kanon is a masterpiece that will bring watchers to their knees. There is nothing out there in the world of anime that could possibly equal it.
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xxxHolic-Episode Synopsis

Kimihiro Watanuki has had a special gift for a long time. He struggles to get some alone time every day and gets frantic whenever he sees "them". He has the power to see spirits. They all seem to have a special connection with him.

While walking down the street, he starts talking very loudly to himself. The spirits are flowing him and never leave his side. While attempting t
to get away from the blob of spirit, he stumbles across a "shop" where you can buy wishes. He enters, unaware of what is waiting for him, behind the paneled doors.

A mysterious woman n
amed Yuuko runs the store. Her two adorable henchgirls Maru and Moro are hyper and cute all the time! Anybody could easily fall in love with their enthusiasm. They call Yuuko master, and cater to her needs. They often repeat whatever important or silly thing Yuuko says, and repeat random words of their own. Yuuko has an interesting face, that does not at all lack in mystery and elegance. She has a cute little bunny-thing as her drinking partner, even though he sounds like a 7 year old. Kimihiro is mostly disturbed through his entire experience, and shows it even more when he meets the little bunny Mokona. Mokona (the drinking partner) has a bouncy attitude wherever she is, and brings smiles from most young girls that pass by. Kimihiro is assigned to go shopping as payment for his wish, which is odd, because Yuuko already stole his watch.

While walking he comes upon a girl much like himself. He somehow wants to tell her that everything will be okay, because of his experience. She ends up turning towards him asking how he could possibly understand what she goes through. He never answers. Upon returning he drops off the groceries at the wish shop, and leaves.

* while we know that XxxHolic is not new, we are just getting around to watching it.

Image source: All pictures are drawn and copyrighted to CLAMP, and the top picture came from:
The others belong to me.

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New Staff

So today I invited a good friend to join our site. She'll be an author, so look for her new posts. I'll have this posted on the updates page too.I'm sure she'll write a introductory post or something similar. Whether she will post contact info, like me is yet to be seen.
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