Popular voice actor Crispin Freeman joins TinierMe as a sponsor.

Go get your Tinier Me Christmas gift, there are also lots of new gatchas, and some other events for you.

Tinier Me now has a Fashion Contest going on. You can enter your Selfy, and there are 3 grand prize winners, then also there are couple of new gatchas.


In celebration of the ChibiPet 1 Year Anniversary,Tinier me has created a ChibiPet Gatcha. It runs for 50 chibi or g-coins.
They are also giving away a special item, you can play lucky chibi hunt TWICE a day. Click the pictures for the gatcha or the main page.

 There is a new Gatcha as well as a campaign.

 Tinier Me is now starting it's Christmas Campaign. There's a new gatcha and a stamp rewards program.

* you can no longer get Vocaloid Music in town.

 just some pictures from town at chirtsmas

Tinier Me is in the final throws of the Tinier Me X Vocaloid Campaign ending with a third gatcha and ticket swap.

They have a Black Butler Campaign going- a gatcha and a log-in rewards program.

And a Sugizo camgain, that lets you enter for 2 free

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
tinier me's b-day
So, its tinier me's 1st birthday, and they have lots of stuff to do. like, help bake a cake, a new gatcha, get a free background and a gatcha ticket campaign.

I realize i post a lot about tinier me. Do you think i should just make it it's own update page? vote on the side of the site now.

Anywho, come join the fun over at tinier me as we help celebrate the 1st birthday of tinier me.

As an added incentive, you will earn three rewards once the cake meter is full, in addition to your background.

We'll see you there!


Cake Making:

Don't forget to pick up your free background:

Disclaimer: all articles are unpaid, and are not meant as advertising.
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Thursday, September 30, 2010
TinierUpDate- Halloween Special
In celebration of Halloween, tinier me is releasing two new campaigns, one new gatcha, and a new chibi pet.
Bokachin is the newest chibipet. It's a g-coin pet. *T-T*

This campaigns gatcha, with lots of nice items in both chibi coin and g-coin

Every day, when you log on you get a piece of candy, then you can go to there page and swap it for an item.

An item swap.

Catgirl said...

not a ad.
September 30, 2010 9:30 PM

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Next Vocaloid/Tinier Me instalment
The second to last event was released today, it's another gatcha, with images and costumes from the songs. The songs include, Meltdown, Meltdown Hard R.K. Mix, Saihate, Yume Miru Kotori, and Cantarella.

Also released with the gatcha was another ticket swap. For all campaign info:

The third and final concert started today, and ends Nov. 30th.There are 45 new songs to collect. You can get a new song every 2 hours.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010
update on Tinier ME NYAF
Tinier Me is going to be at the NYAF at booth 3065 in the exhibit hall. They will again have a live gatcha, to get virtual prizes.Be sure to pick a flyer to get a special item for your room. The sponsors, Mari Watanabe, Stephanie Yanez, and DJ HeavyGrinder will be there, as well as some of the awesome techies. ♥.♥

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Tinier Me Gloomy Art Contest Results.
A few months ago, to accompany the Gloomy G-coin GATCHA, Tinier Me Held an art contest, there were alot of fabulous entries, and the three top winners were announced today after site updates. The Grand Prize Winner with 4792 votes, one of which was mine, was:
By Xwian.

Great Job!

Second place, with 2264 votes was Debbie, and in third was LittleFascis. Go here to see all other winners:
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The Japanese software product, Vocaloid, where you enter a melody and lyrics and a synthetic voice sings it for you, is having a campaign in TinierMe  right now.You can go in and here music in the Town Stage area, and be sure to pick up a album. A new one is available every two hours, and there are 90 in all. There is also a Gatcha, though, to my great disappointment, it's a G-coin one. ( For those of you who don't know, it's one where you must pay for the chance to spin the Gatcha wheel.  Also available for g-coin purchase, are interior  wall poster, featuring one of all the Vocaloid  voices animated characters. Personally, I think this is frickin awesome, and all who love Vocaloid or good J-pop, this is gonna be sweet. Here are some links:

Please remember to stop by, sign up, and play the gatcha. I can also be reached on TinierMe, look me up under Kisa Kain. Just mention you  read about the Vocaloid campaign here and I will friend you.

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