Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Death of the Manga Revolution

As many of you may know, our beloved TokyoPop, will be closing it's North American branch, due to the failing economy. TokyoPop has served loyally for many years, providing some of the most loved titles of all time, including Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club,  all of the Arina Tanemura works, the original CLAMP releases (U.S.), and so much more.   One of the largest manga producers in the U.S., the closing of TokyoPop will be a stunning blow to otaku and manga lovers everywhere. After the closing of CMX last year, ending several promising and well loved series. From it's closing date, you'll have to buy online. Farewell, TokyoPop!After fourteen years of leading the manga revolution, we have lost a great publisher, and a great ally.  Stu Levy, founder and president, summed it up best:
Fourteen years later, I’m laying down my guns. Together, our community has fought the good fight, and, as a result, the Manga Revolution has been won–manga has become a ubiquitous part of global pop culture. I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished – and the incredible group of passionate fans we’ve served along the way (my fellow revolutionaries!).
The fates of the titles held by TokyoPop will be announced in the coming weeks.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miku Append 1st Aniversary

Enjoy this music video from Hatsune Miku's Facebook, celebrating the release of her Append version.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Japan Fundrasier in Little Tokyo

Stephanie Yanez, Polo and others preformed in Little Tokyo to help the Japan Crisis. Steph and Hatsune Miku are 'hosting' a "Dream Concert" on Tinier Me.Stephanie Yanez will also be preforming at 2 concerts soon, one of which will help Japan.
Saturday, April 16, 2011

Twin Villiages English Release

The English version of the newest Harvest Moon game, Harvest Moon: Twin Villages, will be released in the US later this year. No specific date's been issued yet, but, look for Harvest Moon:A Tale of Two Villages later this year. There will be a DS and 3DS version.
Friday, April 15, 2011

The World Only God Knows Season 2

Season 2 of the World Only God Knows aired on Tuesday the 12th, of April. While the 1st episode continued very much in line with the 1st season, there is a new theme song, which is a disappointment, it's not half as good as the original. Also, there is no evident plot change, just new loose souls to capture, starting with a martial arts master, age 18, who has a love/hate relationship with all things cute. Over all, a good beginning to a second season.  There also appears to a new second season.

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FUNimation will be streaming their anime at the same time as it airs in Japan, SUBTITLED!So no more wait for someone to sub it, possibly incorrectly. Titles include Hetalia, Air, Hero Tales, Basilisk and more.
Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Anime: [C]-Control

For those of you who have read or watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the subsequent novels, manga, and anime, you know about her domineering personality, and her love of the super-natural.  Now, some of those hard core fans have created their own religion: Haruhiism, and the followers of this new religion are called Haruhiists. 

The followers of Haruhiism have broken themselves down into seven subgroups: Zen Haruhiists, Orthodox Haruhiists, Kyon Haruhiists, Coptic Haruhiists, Messianic Haruhiists, Eve Haruhiists, and finally Beveraginist Haruhiists.  

The descriptions of each sect of Haruhiism could be construed as offensive by MANY religions, however, if you wish to read about each sect, you may do so here:, however,  we'll cover some of the basics.

Haruhistic Commandments:

Some examples of the Haruhistic Commandments include:
  • Thou Shalt not be Bored
  • Thou Shalt be a Lolicon
  • Thou Shalt not tell the goddess she is a god
  • Thou Shalt Observe the Sabbath aka The day a new anime episode is released.

5 times every day, Haruhiists preform the highly popular Hare Hare Yukai, which is the ending theme to the anime. However, members are not allowed to pronounce the name of the dance.

Holidays and The Spreading of the Word

Haruhiists celebrate Almsgiving, a day when they give Haruhi-related items to the world. Such as bootlegging Haruhi episodes so those who cannot afford the DVD's to watch them.

The members of Haruhiism have a declaration of faith, "There is no god but Haruhi and Nagaru Tanigawa is Her prophet." For those of you who don't know, Tanigawa was the man who created The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

In the Middle East, a group of children carried signs bearing the slogan stop killing children and Haruhi's image, in an attempt for peace, and to spread the word of Haruhi. 

Haruhiism is rivaled by Kyonism, Kyon is another character in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
*As far as the books/manga/anime go, I highly recommend it, but please pay attention to the age warning.
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Yesterday, Japan was rocked by yet another earthquake. It ranked 7.0-7.5 on the Richter Scale, Japan went on a tsunami watch, but so far, there hasn't been any report of a tsunami. So far, it's been largest aftershock reported. Let us hope that there will be no more destruction dealt to Japan.
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