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Stephanie Yanez-New Song

Stephanie Yanez's new song Mirai (h)eno Tobira, is currently playing in Selfy Town. It's not on ITunes yet, but you can listen.
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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas,ハッピークリスマス,Счастливого Рождества, Feliz Navidad
(from my sketchbook)
 Dōbutsu no Mori, or Animal Crossing: the Movie, was released a year after Animal Crossing Wild World, and was distributed via the DS cards in a pack set. It takes place over a year's time in the game. As an animated feature, it goes through what you would experience as a player, but with some more exciting twists. They use the game's music for the outside activities and the sounds for the various buildings.

  Ai, a young girl and the main character, being taken by Kapp'n to Animal Village. Upon arrival, Pelly and Tortimer(Kotobuki in the film translations) send her down to Nooks Cranny, as is done in the game. Nook sets her to work as is normal in the games, and he sends her out immediately to deliver. In this way, she meets Rosie(Bouquet), Whitney(Bianca), Alfonso(Halberd), Yu, The Able Sisters, Margie(Sally-chan),  and then returns to Nooks to tell him her work is complete. Down by the beach, she meets Yu again, and a spider, cockroach, and finally a net hit her in the face. It ends with her screaming in disgust.

 The next day, while delivering to Apollo, Yu again knocks her down, this time into Apollo's precious blue roses. Angered, Mr. Ressetti  appears, and talks for sometime about town rules. Then, letting her off with a warning, since it wasn't her fault, he tells her Apollo should be found in the Roost.  After deliveries, she stops to say hello to Margie, and the two get along very well. At the end of an analogy involving cherry pie and talent, Margie gives her some fruit and they part. You also are introduced to Hopper and Champ. (Minor Characters)

Upon entering the Museum, the location of the Roost Café, she encounters an almost-complete fossil exhibit, and shrieks. Blathers(Futo) and Celeste(Fuko) (Brother and Sister who own the Museum) come to see  whats the matter. Celeste then shows her the entrance to the Roost. Here Ai meets Cesar and Cyrano. They mention that Apollo has been upset of late, and abruptly stop when he enters the Roost. Ai, upon questioning admits to accidentally crushing the flowers.

  Later, Ai finds a note in a bottle, telling her to plant a conifer tree on the Snow Festival day and something magical will happen. She will later receive many more messages like the 1st. The second includes a map showing her where to plant the trees. Then there are two missives hinting to the writers identity.

  During the Summer, Yu and Alfonso force Rosie, Ai and Margie to help them find the one fossil needed to complete the collection in the museum. While climbing up a rocky wall in a cave, Yu and the others barely escape as a misstep brings down the wall. Meanwhile, Kotobuki/Tortimer runs into Pascal--literally.  That night, they see K.K. Slider preform live at a festival, where he sings K.K. Rhythm upon Margie/Sally's request. 

   A few days later, Rosie mentions that Margie has moved away to fulfill her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Ai had had no idea that she was leaving. These designs are reminiscent of the ones shown in Gracie Grace, in Animal Crossing City Folk, and some of the Able Sister's own desgins. 

   Ai, while upset, soon gets over her loss. However, a few days after that, she comes across Weddell huddled by the sea, starved as per usual. While she's giving him ongiri, Pete the mail man shows up with a letter from Sally. When she goes back in, Weddell is gone.

 But all is not over, for during the snow festival, when Ai plants the conifer as instructed, Gulliver crashes in town. He begs them to find the  pieces of his broken ship. The friends return to the cave visited in  Summer to search, and find that Margie has returned to visit. And the boys crash through the ice, after Yu climbs up the fossil to retrive the part resting on top.  But THAT one's not a real piece of the ship. Our  friend, the little monkey, has found Gulliver's piece, but Ai and the others have found a real Alien!But it was hunt, bumping into Gulliver, which is was caused them to crash. Which, after being healed, creates a constellation of Ai!

It turns out Gulliver sent all those messages in the bottles, and when seen from above, creates a Star in the center of a circle.  The movie ends with Jacobs Ladder, the flower that only appears in a perfect town.

 Here's the trailer:

I highly recommend this, as a movie to watch in your spare time. Don't worry, they have subtitles.

Have some Animal Crossing Wild World swag:

 All pictures from Link above. Don't use the movie links from there, use You-tube's The8bitgameralt's for the full movie, in 8 parts... Via the last episode there is supposedly a download for the original soundtrack. * there is a sound file, however it's in rar form, which is incompatible w/itunes. so you'll have to convert it. don't ask me how.*
Starchild has now announced that the anime Kämpfer: für die liebe will have its second season in March of the coming year.
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The World only God Knows Season 1 End

 Season News:
The last episode of the season, episode 12, was released on the 22nd, and there is a second season coming in April, 2011.

Episode Summary:
There is NO real girl for Keima to conquer in this episode, just like in an earlier episode.  This is because most of the episodes where human girls are conquered require an additional episode to complete.

  Frustrated by the lack of time he spends gaming, and the "shameful backlog" of new games, Keima  enters  God of Conquest mode, wherein, Keima battles 6 games at once, on a large screen, while Elci looks on in amazement. *This is the 1st time Keima's room is shown. While in the middle of this mode, replaying multiple Princess Derby games at once, there is a loud bang and his consoles fuses blow. When Elci comes to check on him, he is hovering in the air, in some sort of relaxation pose. Keima is awakened from his sleep to the persistent buzzing of one of his games, and continues to play.

  Keima ups his game to 24 games at a time, since 6 will no longer due. When he collapses from exhaustion, Elci makes him leave his room and take a walk. Of course, he brings along some handhelds too. Elci begins to berate him about how sad and pathetic his life is, locked away playing games, and Keima, instead of giving her a long monologue as before, explains to her why he loves the games, and how they provide him with all the company he needs.

  With only one game left to play, Keima almost falls asleep from pure exhaustion, only to begin to hallucinate that all the characters he's conquered leave their screens to give him encouragement.   It's kinda creepy to be perfectly honest. At the end, all the characters take Keima into their world, and then a new ending song rolls. Which is REALLY bad.. painful to listen to. However you need to suffer trough it, because, at the end, there are some hints for season 2. For instance: A game version of Elci appears to challenge Keima.

Season Recap:
After signing a contract with daemons and hell, Keima is forced to hunt down loose souls or lose his head. Elci ( the daemon) buys her way into Keima's house by telling his mother that she is the bastard child of Keima's father.  By the end of the season, they've defeated 4 loose souls.

My Other Article:
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Beast Hunt

 While not well known, and as far as I know, only available online,  Beast Hunt isn't your run of the mill amateur manga. It's very well drawn,and has a good story line, which is sure to improve in the third chapter. That's really the worst part of Beast Hunt, that it's only up to the end of chapter 2...

  While traveling with his father, Astir finds a mysterious sword hidden deep in a forest. Four years later however, Astir finds himself in yet another forest, traveling on his way to a school that will, in time, help him become a powerful warrior. While pausing to find his way, Astir is attacked by a "free hugs" zombie, and is rescued by Amroth, a local weapons and magical artifacts dealer.

  Upon arrival, he immediately offends the schools only other student- the curtain wearing Jidai, whom he mistakes for a woman...

 The schools headmaster, Katerfield, unwisely allows them to duel, unwisely because it carries on through several hours.....

Please read the rest of chapter 2 to find out what else is in store.


DeviantART's for the authors:

Email: (If you have  questions for the ARTISTS/AUTHORS )
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17 new titles: starting in January

 1. Beelzebub- Starts Jan 9 at 7 am on YTV from Pierrot Studio
 2. Cardfight!! Vanguard- Starts Jan 8 at 8 am, on TV Tokyo
 3. Dragon Crisis- Jan 11, 1:30 am on Chiba TV
 4. Fractale-Jan 14, 12:45 am, from Fuji TV
 5. Freezing-Jan 8 9:30 am AT-X
 6. GOSICK-Jan 8, 1:23 am from TV Tokyo
 7. Hourou Musuko- Jan 14, 1:14 am from TV Tokyo
 8. Infinite Stratos- Jan 7 1:25 am from TBS
 9. Kimi ni Todoke Season2-Jan 5 12:59 am
10. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka- Jan 11 11:30 Am from Tele-Tama
11. Level E- Jan 11, 1:45 am from TV Tokyo

12. Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica- Jan 7, 1:25 am, MBS
13. Mitsudomoe Zōryōchū!- Jan 9 2:58 am, MBS

14. Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne—!! Jan 9 12:30 am, TV Yokohama
15. Rio-Rainbow Gate!- Jan 4 11:00 pm, Tokyo MX
16. Wolverine- Jan 7, 10:00 pm, Animax
17. Yumekui Merry- Jan 7 11:55 am TBS

 For summaries of the new shows:
Chizuru Takahashi is a popular shojo manga that goes through the life of  high school girl named Komatsuzaki and her two boyfriends.  The man tasked with creating this new movie is Goro Miyazaki ,son of founder Hayao Miyazaki and director Gedo Senki , along with Keiko Niwa, who helped write the screen play. Katsuya Kondo, Kiki's Delivery Service, will be in charge of character design, and Aoi Teshima will sing the theme.

The elder Miyazaki is heading the creation of  Kokuriko-Zaka Kara as a animated movie.

*On a side note, the Karigurashi no Arrietty still has no US release date, however France and Taiwan have had the movie released in those countries.

http://www.animenation.net/blog/2010/12/17/next-ghibli-film-announced/  (not very helpful)
http://www.kokurikozaka.jp/  (I can't get it to translate out of Japanese)
http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=11212Image © 2011 Chizuru Takahashi, Tetsurō Sayama, GNDHDDT , image from 
Fuji TV has announced that director Kenji Nakamura is in the process of creating a new anime called C.
On January 7th, 2011, an announcement will be made on Ustream.com

http://www.noitamina-control.jp/ (Japanese)
Crunchyroll has now acquired H2O: Footprints in the Sand, and Good Luck Ninomiya-kun.


ps: i wouldn't recommend crunchyroll......
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high school debut

 Our heroine, Haruna's only real goal in high-school is to get a boyfriend. After spending all of her junior high life playing softball, she's rather clueless, and approaches one of the most popular boys, Yoh, to coach her. His one condition is that she not fall for him, which is pretty much hopeless from day 1.

 Over the course of time, Yoh introduces her to multiple boys, and fails to keep her in a relationship for any length of time. Slowly, Haruna begins to realize just who she's really in love with and who she'd rather go out with. After firing Yoh as her trainer, and continually ducking him, she finally confeses her feelings for Yoh.

 He goes out with Haruna and her exuberance and lack of experience leads to many small tiffs and  problems, including a fight in which she and Yoh don't speak for days, not wanting to be the one to apologize. However

While High School Debut is highly popular and has a cute story line, the haplessness of Haruna gets rather annoying over time, as does the subtle jealousy of Asa, and Yoh's own aura of angst starts to get on one's nerves.  But, it has considerable merit, and is a nice quick read, only 13 volumes.  If you find it hard to take Haruna, think of her as a female Tamaki ( Ouran High School Host Club), it helps.

 Live action filming for High School Debut started in October of 2010, and is scheduled to hit theaters in spring 2011. Mizobuta Junpei and Ohno Ito will star.

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Dream Selfy

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Romeo X Juliet: Taking another look

Recently, OTAKU USA published an article in their magazines December 2010 issue, calling Romeo X Juliet a clunky story line, and saying the characters fall in love because they're supposed to.
 Otaku USA couldn't be more wrong. The art is beautiful, and the characters have depth and emotion.

In the City of Neo-Verona,  Montague has killed off all the members of the Capulet family with the notable exception of Juliet Capulet. Juliet now a young woman, runs around the town in a red bandit costume, not unlike the classic descriptions of Robin Hood's, and also like Robin, she helps those in trouble.  When  Romeo, a kind, and only son of Capulet, meets Juliet in her role as the Red Whirlwind, things begin to go downhill for these star-crossed lovers. The doctor who has always tried to help Juliet is burned at the stake on charges of being the Red Whirlwind, and then when Romeo and Juliet run away together, a price is placed on Juliet's head, and when Romeo refuses to let guards take her, his own.

Rated Teen, this book is wonderful rendition of Romeo and Juliet. The only problem I have with this book is the portrayal  of  Will Shakespeare, while not as bad as the Otaku review, it is still slightly off.
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Hetalia II

After watching over half of the episodes, they are only like five minutes long,  and reading the manga as it is released from TokyoPop, I think its a good depiction of our world history, and for that matter the drawings are a lot better than some of the things out there that aren't being complained about. Its good, also as a teaching tool, because it doesn't skim over things like other history books do.In Hetalia, all countries are shamed and praised equally, and people need to get over it. It's growing fan base, and the soon to be released publication of a second volume from TokyoPop, should help lessen the tensions in the Otaku community. 

Book 2 has now hit stores.
Mai Kuro is a talented artist, and has created a 100 page fan tribute to Kuroshitsuji. Her work is beautiful, and this fan tribute is a wonderful example of her work. The book is on sale at Lulu.com and is priced at 31.37 $ and ships in 3-5 business days.To see her other works, check her deviantART page.
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