Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1934 Tank Tankuro English Preview

Predating anime legends and pioneering manga/anime such as Astro Boy,  Gajo Sakamoto's 1934 Tank Tankuro has been translated into English by Japan's PopPress. The Comics Journal published an 8-page preview, along with a detailed description of what will be included in the 1st volume- 240 pages of comics, and extensive papers,essays and biographical materials. The TCJ also inquired into the reasoning behind PopPress' decision to delve into Pre WWII manga.

PopPress representative Yasutaka Minegishi included this in his response:
"Looking at the variety of Japanese manga published in English up till now, from mainstream manga, alternative manga, shojo-manga, to the genre of “gekiga,” I felt that in these past few years, the English-speaking audience became ready for manga that could bring them one step further into the real history of Japanese comics."---http://www.tcj.com/preview-tank-tankuro/
 Tank Tankuro follows the struggles of Tank Tankuro, lovable robot, and his counterpart, the villain Kuro Kabuto, or Black Helmet, in a pre-war era.  

The 1st volume ships tomorrow, July 20th, while the 8 page preview can be viewed here:



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