Friday, May 21, 2010

Misa's Story

Misa from death note has a very interesting story as to how and why she became the possessor of the second death note.

Once there was a death god named Jealous and he fell in love with a girl on earth. He watched her constantly day and night. One day she was young and healthy, but it came to his attention that she was at the end of her life span, he watched in horror with Rem, Misa's  death god.A man stepped out in front of her as she was walking down an alley at night. Though she had never seen him before, he confessed undying love to her and she naturally turned him down. Enraged, he ran at her with a knife, intending to kill her and himself. Frantic, Jealous used the death note for the one thing it was never meant for, to save a human life. He killed her attacker and the Jealous became something similar to ash, leaving only his death note behind. His life span was given to her so she could live on. Later after meeting Rem, she does the eye deal, and cuts that life span in half.

Her adoration for Light comes partly from the fact that he killed he man who killed her parents before eyes when she was very young. She had been angered the time it took him to come to trial. Light however thought of her only as a bad person who killed innocents when she made herself known to the world. Hence the deaths of  several TV newscasters.

She was born on Dec. 25, 1984 in Kyoto, blood type AB, height 152 cm, weight 79 pounds. She is a Jpop star, and model. Dress normally Gothic Lolita.  Above: actress Erika Toda,playing Misa in the movies, and anime version left. (Cover of book 4)


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