Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Cute Girls of Kanon

Yuuichi Aizawa is a normal high school boy, coming back to live with his aunt and cousin after ten years of being away.

Is it just me or is there  something wrong with him and the town he lives in?He can't remember much of anything, his aunt makes a secret, and weird, jam only she knows how to make, he constantly gets hugged and attacked by various girls claiming to know him, hate him, bear grudges, or just want him to pay for their food. And at least one of them is packing a sword, claiming to be a demon hunter.

A remake of the original, published in 2002, this version was published in 2006, either way Kanon is a interesting, beautifully drawn, and adorable story.

Character Summaries:
Mai: Mai is a quiet third year who carries a sword and claims to be a demon hunter, only, she's the only one who can see the demon, and it only is at the school at night.  Her only friends to start with are Sayuri, who doesn't seem to know about the sword, and Yuuichi.

Shiori was born ill, and appears 1st under a tree covered in snow. She comes to stand outside the school where she, and Yuuichi, Mai, and Nayuki go to school, and talks to Yuuichi there, refusing to give her last name.She has a weird dream to build a ten meter tall snowman....

Ayu, appearing here on the original game cover, is a happy girl who knew Yuuichi when he 1st came to this town. She has a fondness for taiyaki, and is very forgetful.She always wears the same jacket.
Always saying Uguu...Can't stand scary movies.

Very klutzy.

Nayuki is Yuuichi's cousin, and is the captain of the track team. She collects alarm clocks, and still has problems waking up. She's very sweet, and relives what people tell her.
She's allergic to cats, but has a fondness for them....

Matoko has a passion for eating and has a dislike of  Yuuichi. The 1st time she appears, she hits and kicks him, then passes out and is taken back to his aunts home. When she wakes, she has no idea who she is. There she remains, constantly trying to hurt him, be it fire crackers or ice down his back. Instead of breaking out like Nayuki, when the Siamese cat comes, Matoko is afraid at 1st, and only picks it up after she is promised a pork bun. Then cat steals her pork bun. Matoko drop the cat over the side of a bridge, and it rides away on the top of a car, however Yuuichi starts berating her and she runs away crying only to disappear for hours. When she is found, on top of Monomi Hill, she is with the cat eating a pork bun. "We're the same, both nuisances with nowhere to go."It turns out her loss of memory was caused because she was a kitsune who fell in love with Yuuichi many years ago, and when he returned, traded her life and memory to be with
him again. She slowly dies, completly unaware of what is happening.
Phrase= Auu....

 Episode information:

 - in the 2006 version, there are 24 episodes, all available on WAO
 - each is about 22 minutes long, counting title song, and ending song.
Opening Song:

And the prize question for Kanon.... WHAT IS IN THAT JAM?!?!?!


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