Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hetalia Book 1 Review

Hetalia is a very odd and amusing take on the Allies and Axis powers of WWI. This manga started, as a web comic and then TOKYOPOP bought the publishing rights. However, funny as it may be, some people will likely find it offensive. It makes some jokes that can be taken the wrong way, and portrays Italy as slow but adorable, France as cowardly and so on. Example A:AnimeGlobe Article.

Personally, I found it funny, and cute, but you can't think of countries as real place, the characters have to just be a person, not a real place.

Episodes are short, and the manga has just been released.  It has a huge fan base, and not everyone thinks of it as offensive. in the back of the 1st book is a note from a woman in Russia who said it made her wonder about her countries past. ( I wouldn't use it as a source for a report.)

Hetalia is inaccurate, and just another anime that makes fun of things. It's cute, and a good read. Pick it up and decide for yourself. it's hit and miss like any other.


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