Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ninja Girls

Ninja Girls is drawn by an artist who clearly has talent, but has chosen to draw a pointless story full of scantly clad females who do nothing but strip, fight over their "Lord" who happens to  look like he is  a twelve year old, and use fighting styles like "Masochistic Bondage" style.

In the 1st book, all that happens is he is attacked by Kagari who's life he has saved, only upon seeing the horn on his head, she immediately drops into a bow and says she is a faithful ninja, and would die for him.
He is then almost instantly attacked again, by yet another ninja- whom is known by  Kagari. Kagari saves him from attack by Kisarabi by slamming her overly large chest into him, squashing him flat.
Then comes the arrival of the third ninja, Himemaru- who spirits him away in the dead of night after  leaving Kagari in tied up in some sort of bondage scenario.
The story progresses nowhere and is completely undeserving of its 16+ rating. In my opinion, this book needs a M rating and a parental advisory sticker on the front. No self respecting manga lover would buy this excerpt out of a pervert's heaven. The fact that it has at least three books astounds me.  


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