Friday, February 4, 2011

Higurashi:When They Cry, Eye Opening Arc

You can pre-order the newest When They Cry novel now on It will become available in February 2011. It looks like there are to be four volumes of this series, Volume 2 will be out in April, Volume 3 in June, and Volume 4 in August.  

"After a year at boarding school, Shion Sonozaki flees the oppressive institution and secretly returns to her hometown in the mountains, telling only her twin sister Mion of her arrival. Though the Sonozaki family has kept the sisters apart to prevent conflict over who would become the next family head, Mion and Shion have remained close — enough so that Shion can easily impersonate her identical twin. When Shion encounters Satoshi Hojo in town, he is completely taken in by her “Mion” disguise."- Yen Press Description.
It is rated OT 16+, from Yen Press.

Also coming later this year from Yen Press is Higurashi When They Cry Atonement Arc,  also rated OT 16+, and it will have another four volumes.


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