Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kanon Episode 17 Review

                                                      Seventeen Review:

In this episode, we're almost at the point of ending Shiori's story, in case you don't know, by now, we've finished Makoto, and Mai, ending with Mai in the hospital and Makoto dead...  With Makoto, he could help find what was missing, and Mai, he could help her fight her daemons, but, what could you do for a girl who has a week at the most to live?In this case, there is nothing he can do for Shiori, which leaves him feeling helpless.

One night, he goes to Shiori's fountain, and finds her just staring at the water. While they talk, she tells him she's so sorry, that she wasn't supposed to fall in love, and that she's very thankful for what he's given her, and she has a lot to apologize for. But she has a request, she wants to be treated like a normal girl, one who isn't dying. She has him pretend to be her big brother, someone who will take her back to the times when she wasn't to sick to have fun. As they part, he begs Shiori to tell him if there is a way for her to make it. And rather to happily she tells him that a miracle would save her, but miracles never happen so why wish? And then she is gone.

For the  last few days of her Life, Shiori comes to school, and for the most part, seems pretty upbeat, and happy. One of the worst parts of these episodes (16/17/18) is that Kaori doesn't even want to show she has a sister, because the pain of watching her die is too much for her.



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