Saturday, May 28, 2011


As Christmas time approaches in Sauburne, episode 19 plunges you into the dark past of Cordelia, Victorique's mother, and her connection to Brian Roscoe.

As she is preforming on stage, as part of a dance troupe preforming Rose Colored Life, Cordelia is confronted by the Marquis de Blois.  After the show, she goes out a back entrance, and on her way to meet Roscoe, is kidnapped by the same Marquis de Blois.While attempting to save her, Brian is knocked unconscious, and Cordelia disappears for a year,taken to the Marquis castle fortress, is raped and gives birth to her daughter, the Gray Wolf, Victorique, on Christmas Day. When she recovers she finds herself in a psychiatric facility, with a precious locket, containing a picture of Cordelia and Victorique.

She is rescued by Brian Roscoe, and begins to preform on the stage again, this time inside a wooden mannequin doll, not a frilled skirt.  She and Brian go and visit Victorique, but what Cordelia finds is not what she expected. She sees a younger version of herself, trapped and helpless inside a tower. There she gives her daughter an pendant, not unlike her own, but with a different image inside, and tells her that if she(Victorique) ever needs help, it doesn't matter where, she'll come running.

All these memories are brought on because the Marquis has ordered the "The Blue Rose of Sauburne" to be preformed on Christmas Day. This time though, the story has been altered slightly-it now revolves around Coco Rose, the Queen of Sauburne.  Brian Roscoe's bitterness shines through "Is this a sick joke? Still how much does this contemptible man have to hurt you before he's sated?".

Cordelia sends Victorique a message-  
"The Second Storm will come soon. Now is the time to show your power."
Toward the very end of this episode, Kujo and Victorique are reminded of the words of the elder in the Village of the Gray Wolves (Episodes 6-8). That while a gale will blow the world and themselves apart, they will always be together in their hearts.  It appears the storm has come.


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