Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sentai Claims CLAMP

At Kawaii Con, Sentai Rep. David Williams released this statement:
a new title that we haven’t talked about yet will be coming out in August: Kobato. It’s a CLAMP project, and we will be releasing that in August, so watch for that one. … It’s a fun, nice little CLAMP title.
The 24 episode series, produced by Madhouse, ran from 2009-2010.Based on the CLAMP manga, published by Yen Press, Kobato is about a sweet, cute girl who has a mysterious bottle that she is able to fill with hearts of people she heals. Once she fills this bottle, she will be able to go to a special place. But- she not allowed to fall in love.She is accompanied by a loryogi, a spirit in the form of a plushie dog. Kobato was 1st animated in CLAMP's second music video, CLAMP in Wonderland 2.

Yen Press, who handles all of CLAMP's USA releases, will publish Kobato Vol. 4 in July.

Clamp in Wonderland 2 can be watched here.
Kobato Trailer:

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