Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Furuichi arrested for threating Hirano

Today, police arrested Tomokazu Furuichi, 24, for threatening the life of voice actress Aya Hirano. Furuichi allegedly made numerous threats on the life of the popular voice actor, many of these threats were made on the internet forum, 2channel(2ch). These threats, made between April and May, included his statement that he would "Blow up Fuji TV.", and other "forcible obstruction of business".  Someone, using the name Tomokazu Furuichi, has been sending Twitter messages to Hirano's fans,  threatening them, saying he would kill her. 

For some time, Furuichi had been harping on Hirano's role in Picaru no Ashi demanding that the producers remove her from the show.  As time progressed, the tweets became more violent and direct, telling Hirano to kill herself, and so on.

FNN News posted a video (Japanese) covering the story.

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