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Picking up where the last episode ended, Inspector de Blois, (not to be  confused with his father the Marquis de Blois), and Victorique arrive outside of the theater where the performance of the Rose of Sauburne is to be held. Where upon, as they enter the building, Kujo, missing them by moments, finds Cecile and several stunned policemen. Cecile, as a teacher concerned for the safety of her students, had apparently stowed away in one of the Inspector's traveling cases, and has just now freed herself.

After hearing Cecile's disturbing report on Victorique's state of mind, Kujo races inside the theater in search of her. In voice-over, and while still conducting his frantic search, Kujo promises her that no matter what storm may come, he'll always be there.

When Kujo finally finds her, deep within the building, Victorique rejects him, telling him, with a pain and determination clear in her eyes, that this is as far as they will go. Kujo is then captured by two very annoyed doormen.

After they part, Victorique goes on alone to face the Marquis Albert de Blois, her father. She is lead to an old stage, the room filled with microphones, paper screens, and loud speakers.  Victorique  goes into an explanation as to why they want her to solve the Coco Rose case now.
The Inspector then launches into an overview of the Coco Rose Case for Kujo:
After Coco Rose (Queen of Sauburne)  had been moved to a country house, a French emissary came to visit her. She was then summoned to the royal palace to meet the aforementioned emissary.  Then, a headless corpse was found in the queen's chambers. The only person who had gone in or out of the room at the time was his Majesty, the King of Sauburne. Since there was no evidence pointing to him, he did not come under suspicion.  At the same time, the head fell into a room in the Queen's home, and then spontaneously caught on fire.  The case was never solved. 
He also states that if she cannot solve this case, she will probably not be allowed to return to the academy with Kujo. Upon learning that Victorique only has access to already public information Kujo sets out to find her what she'll really need. On his way out of the building, Kujo, hesitating for a moment because he sees a picture of Victorique, or rather it's really Cordelia, he meets one of Cordelia's old friends, who tells him about Cordelia's strange disappearance. (See our review on episode 19.) Just as he's leaving, he is startled by thew next picture, that of a girl named Nicole Le Roux, a woman who, nicknamed the Downtown Blue Rose, was not only a dead ringer for Queen Coco, but also disappeared somewhere near the theater.

After that, you see Brian Roscoe hiding in the shadow, looking out at the theater, and Cordelia, up on the roof of a nearby building looking down on her old workplace.

Then, Victorique tells her father she does not have enough Chaos fragments yet, and the guards surround her.  Kujo, in the meantime, discovers that the girl Nicole applied for a very specific job as a secretary immediately before her disappearance.  Their search leads them to the grave of Nicole, which lists her death as in the year 1900 the year of her disappearance, while sources remember seeing her alive 10 years after she abruptly left the stage.

 Then we pan back to Victorique, her hands bound behind her, as she sits in the middles of a magic circle, guards stand around her with bells ringing in their hands.  The Inspector begs his father to stop, but the Marquis tells him to watch and see the power of his younger sister. Critical to the end, Victorique sits and mocks the Ministry of the Occult' attempts to heighten her senses.

Cecile and Kujo are waiting outside for the Inspector to tell him what they know, when as he doesn't appear, Kujo sees Brian Roscoe, and chases him down a side street.  When he gets to the alley, naturally Brian is gone, but there is a rope hanging down out of an open window. Up the rope goes Kujo. While attempting to figure out how to get passed the guards, Roscoe again appears, and demands of Kujo where his fight and spirit went.  Flying past Kujo, Brian breaks down the door, and running quick enough to blow out the candles, grabs Victorique out from under her guards, and runs with her onto the stage.
        Now this is where it gets confusing, so pay attention:
Brian  lets Kujo in, telling him that the "Wolf Cub" is past the inner door, but when Kujo reaches Victorique, another, different Brian, the same one who apparently rescued her, is there, and with a swish of his cape, sends a gust of air through the room, and when the haze clears, only the Inspector, Kujo and Victorique are left in the room.

Kujo runs to her, and when Victorique realizes who's now holding her, she begins to panic, telling him she can't solve this case. But the touching moment is ruined when, of all things, the guards return. As it becomes clear the Inspector cannot hold the guard off any longer, Victorique rises and say she can solve the case.

After commending Kujo on his ingenuity in thinking to look closer at the Nicole Le Roux case, she goes to the cemetery to dig up Nicole's grave.         

                                            And so naturally, the episode ends here.                                                     


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