Monday, August 15, 2011

Cutting off the Dream Machine's Power

As you know, director Satoshi Kon died of cancer around this time last year. His last film, to have been produced by Madhouse, Yume-Miru Kikai (The Dreaming Machine), has just had it's funding quietly placed on hiatus due to lack of funding. After his death, Yoshimi Itazu took over production in 2010. But of 1,500 planned shots, only 600 have been finished, said Madhouse CEO Masao Maruyama. The film is only temporarily off,  Maruyama announced at a recent Otakon panel, he continued on to say "I do want to go ahead with Dreaming Machine.. I don’t care how many years it’s going to take; I will get the financing required to complete the title”.

Two years ago, Satoshi Kon came up with a typical sci-fi plot. The only thing is, it actually happened, just not in Kon's lifetime. The Dreaming Machine centers on a tsunami that wipes out an entire town, and a robot goes on a quest to find a new source of power for the town. Sound familiar? Kon's story almost seems to predict the events in March, this year. At any rate, fans will have a long wait until the Dream Machine is released.


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