Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Hatsune Miku!

As many of you know, Hatsune Miku's birthday was two days ago on August 30th. The virtual idol has been in existence for 4 years now, and has attracted millions of fans. She has preformed in countless concerts, AMVs, has held "live concerts", has had video games and spoof anime and manga made of her and her friends, and now has her own Toyota commercials.

Hatsune's official distribution page, karenT, has a special event ( going on right now to celebrate.

Every year, in Miku's birthplace, Sapporo,Japan, a concert is held. This year, another concert was held at the Nokia Theatre, during this year's Anime Expo., a website where fans can discuss and share all the AMVs and songs that make up the Vocaloid universe, though still in a beta stage, has placed the set-lists from concerts on online, and in order, so if you could not go then, you can enjoy them now.

Also on KarenT there is a special wallpaper download for you: (TinierMe Users, there has been a download for you also.)


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