The 1st season ended after thirteen fabulous episodes, and then continues on, with another thirteen.  Tomoharu   learns that the more he uses Kurogane the less time he can keep Misao alive and have a second chance to save her. ( His 1st chance was when he made her into a burial doll so she wouldn't die, now, maybe he can save her again?)

While on a class trip, Kagakagari hijacks the
plane the seniors are on, and the 1st and 3rd councils must work together to save the students and plane staff.  When the fight is over, tears will be shed all around, the characters, the voice actors, and even you- Aine, the sweet burial doll for Reishiro. She sacrifices the last of her dwindling life force to make a runway of ice for the plane and her cousins - Reishiro and Reiko- to land on.
 ( Kristina Fortuna)
The tentative romance between Tomoharu and Takatsuki continues as the urgency for her to find a contractor strengthens after  the death of Kristina Fortuna, Nia's big sister.  In episode four, the group finds ruins on a deserted island, and Satomi kidnaps little Nia and draws Kristina and  Kagakagari out into the open, attacks and in this battle, both Kristina and Kagakagari's burial doll, Kotori die in the fight. Some of Kristina's last words are for her sister, telling Tomoharu to tell Nia that she was reckless, but she was happy.  In fact, her last strength is used freeing her sister from a Casta Machina. Then, she and her demon-daughter Ingrid, contractor Kagakagari, melt away. Having also lost Kotori in the fight he has nothing left for him to fight for and gives Nia a disc drive containing all of her sisters research.

I've left out some other surprises, just in case you decide to watch this anime, but, like all anime and manga, it's a hit-and-miss proposition. Have a good day!


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