Dog and cat ears? Check
Heavy Weapons and Flight ability? Check
Pants? nope.....

The  anime starts with a news report telling you all about the strikers and why they 1st came into being. These armored witches were pressed into service after the Neuroi  first attacked Earth in 1939. Humanity developed "Striker Units" to combat these attackers. The young witches, gathered from all over the world became known as Strike Witches.  Then, after a good little opening song, the girls start attacking an enemy Neuroi.

Then one sees Yoshika climbing a tree outside the school, why? to save a cute little black cat stuck high in the tree. On the way home, she tells her friend of her fathers leaving the day before her school opening ceremony. His personal effects are sent home 3 years later and a notice of death accompanies them.  Then, the cart breaks and her friend is sent down into a ravine. By the time Yoshika gets down there, her friend is bleeding profusely.   She uses her magic to help save her friend and, in doing so, Major Samamoto witnesses this power. She attempts to get her to join the Strike Witches. She refuses, but the next day a letter comes, containing two photographs, one of her father and one of her father with the Strike Witches.

To find out what happens, click the link below. Enjoy!

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