The Japanese software product, Vocaloid, where you enter a melody and lyrics and a synthetic voice sings it for you, is having a campaign in TinierMe  right now.You can go in and here music in the Town Stage area, and be sure to pick up a album. A new one is available every two hours, and there are 90 in all. There is also a Gatcha, though, to my great disappointment, it's a G-coin one. ( For those of you who don't know, it's one where you must pay for the chance to spin the Gatcha wheel.  Also available for g-coin purchase, are interior  wall poster, featuring one of all the Vocaloid  voices animated characters. Personally, I think this is frickin awesome, and all who love Vocaloid or good J-pop, this is gonna be sweet. Here are some links:
Please remember to stop by, sign up, and play the gatcha. I can also be reached on TinierMe, look me up under Kisa Kain. Just mention you  read about the Vocaloid campaign here and i will friend you.


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