Saturday, January 15, 2011

Touhou Project Episode 1 Review

The Touhou Project is a 12.8 collection of video games for Windows XP. Everything in the Touhou Project's numerous games came from one source : Team Shanghai Alice. This team is made stranger by  the fact that it consists of one member-ZUN. Above is a screeenshot from ZUN's own website. the series began with Highly Responsive to Prayers, and was released to the Japanese market. Four more versions were released between August 1997 and December 1998. Then Project Touhou went inactive, resuming 3 years later when ZUN split from Amusement Makers. The number of official games, fan books, anime and manga have been steadily increasing since then.

And there is an anime to accompany the video games, however, it is fan-made and unofficial, and the art is not nearly as good, not by a long shot. It was slated for release at Comiket 75.

When the 1st episode commences, you here a voice telling you all about the land they live in Gensoyko. After she is finished, a clumsy girl named Sukia appears, and begins rummaging around in a bunch of boxes. And, promptly falls over. Then enters Reimu, who complains quietly about not being able to prepare for the feast, as only the clumsy Sukia dained to show up.

Once they leave the small room, Reimu sends Sukia off shopping, and begins to set some things up, only to realize her donation box is gone. She then begins to wander around in what appears to be a drunken stupor.

While she contemplates the disappearance of the donation box, she is startled to hear a suggestion from Aya-chan. Aya offers help in finding the box, but is refused, on the count that she will "only take photos again." Aya claims she has the best intelligence gathering abilities, based on the  fact that she is a journalist.  Without waiting for an answer, Aya runs off in search of her assistant, using a spell card to transport her away at the speed of light. Her assistant turns out to be an in-pain Marisa. Who immediately protests, saying she didn't steal it.  Marisa is caught up in the search, protesting all the way. Aya  blackmails Marisa into helping, claiming some scandalous photos may have to go public.

Meanwhile, Sukia returns to a deserted house, her shopping completed. But the others have ventured to Scarlet Devil Mansion to look for the donation box.While Marisa expresses her doubts to Reimu, Aya is busy snapping away photos of a sleeping guard.  Perhaps one day, she will use these as black mail too? There is of course more, but you must watch the episode for that.

Sources and Links:  (the image for the anime cover) Zun's webpage, Japanese (ScreenShot)  (Episode 1)


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