Monday, January 10, 2011

xxxHolic-Episode Synopsis

Kimihiro Watanuki has had a special gift for a long time. He struggles to get some alone time every day and gets frantic whenever he sees "them". He has the power to see spirits. They all seem to have a special connection with him.

While walking down the street, he starts talking very loudly to himself. The spirits are flowing him and never leave his side. While attempting t
to get away from the blob of spirit, he stumbles across a "shop" where you can buy wishes. He enters, unaware of what is waiting for him, behind the paneled doors.

A mysterious woman n
amed Yuuko runs the store. Her two adorable henchgirls Maru and Moro are hyper and cute all the time! Anybody could easily fall in love with their enthusiasm. They call Yuuko master, and cater to her needs. They often repeat whatever important or silly thing Yuuko says, and repeat random words of their own. Yuuko has an interesting face, that does not at all lack in mystery and elegance. She has a cute little bunny-thing as her drinking partner, even though he sounds like a 7 year old. Kimihiro is mostly disturbed through his entire experience, and shows it even more when he meets the little bunny Mokona. Mokona (the drinking partner) has a bouncy attitude wherever she is, and brings smiles from most young girls that pass by. Kimihiro is assigned to go shopping as payment for his wish, which is odd, because Yuuko already stole his watch.

While walking he comes upon a girl much like himself. He somehow wants to tell her that everything will be okay, because of his experience. She ends up turning towards him asking how he could possibly understand what she goes through. He never answers. Upon returning he drops off the groceries at the wish shop, and leaves.

* while we know that XxxHolic is not new, we are just getting around to watching it.

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