Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kanon Episode 16 Review

  Tragedy after tragedy befall the girls of Kanon. One of their number, Makoto dies in Yuuichi's arms, then Mai-chan injures both herself and her only real friend, Sayuri rather badly. Shiori is still ill and something seems to be bothering Nayuki. The only one not in pain at the moment seems to be Ayu-chan.

  But that too is temporary. Akiko-san falls ill and Ayu is reminded of her mother as she died. However, Akiko's protests that she merely has a cold do not fully convince Yuuichi, Ayu or Nayuki. But after a little trouble involving rice porridge and medicine, Ayu succeeds in helping Akiko to recover.

  One of the happier happenings this episode was Shiori's date with Yuuichi. They go to an arcade, and then to the place that Shiori 1st met Ayu and Yuuichi. From there, they go on to having a snowball fight, and build a snowman, and finally, Shiori draws Yuuichi's picture... Even this happy day ends bitterly, for she asks Yuuichi to take her to their school, and there, she tells him about her collapse, and her inability to return to school afterword. One's suspicions about Shiori's health are confirmed, and she tells him that she has been very sick since her birth.

  After that, Shiori's sister's identity is confessed- Kaori.Kaori gives Yuuichi some hard news, Shiori's birthday is in a week and that week will probably be her last. Her doctors say that Shiori will not live to see her birthday this year. Kaori breaks down crying, and tells him that she ignored her sister, pretended she didn't exist because it was to painful to watch her grow weak and die. Wishes she had never had a sister, and demands of Yuuichi why her sister was born, only to die so soon.

  Was it the intention of the author to drive watchers to the verge of tears every episode? If so than they succeeded. Kanon is a masterpiece that will bring watchers to their knees. There is nothing out there in the world of anime that could possibly equal it.


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