Monday, December 20, 2010

high school debut

 Our heroine, Haruna's only real goal in high-school is to get a boyfriend. After spending all of her junior high life playing softball, she's rather clueless, and approaches one of the most popular boys, Yoh, to coach her. His one condition is that she not fall for him, which is pretty much hopeless from day 1.

 Over the course of time, Yoh introduces her to multiple boys, and fails to keep her in a relationship for any length of time. Slowly, Haruna begins to realize just who she's really in love with and who she'd rather go out with. After firing Yoh as her trainer, and continually ducking him, she finally confeses her feelings for Yoh.

 He goes out with Haruna and her exuberance and lack of experience leads to many small tiffs and  problems, including a fight in which she and Yoh don't speak for days, not wanting to be the one to apologize. However

While High School Debut is highly popular and has a cute story line, the haplessness of Haruna gets rather annoying over time, as does the subtle jealousy of Asa, and Yoh's own aura of angst starts to get on one's nerves.  But, it has considerable merit, and is a nice quick read, only 13 volumes.  If you find it hard to take Haruna, think of her as a female Tamaki ( Ouran High School Host Club), it helps.

 Live action filming for High School Debut started in October of 2010, and is scheduled to hit theaters in spring 2011. Mizobuta Junpei and Ohno Ito will star.


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