Dōbutsu no Mori, or Animal Crossing: the Movie, was released a year after Animal Crossing Wild World, and was distributed via the DS cards in a pack set. It takes place over a year's time in the game. As an animated feature, it goes through what you would experience as a player, but with some more exciting twists. They use the game's music for the outside activities and the sounds for the various buildings.

  Ai, a young girl and the main character, being taken by Kapp'n to Animal Village. Upon arrival, Pelly and Tortimer(Kotobuki in the film translations) send her down to Nooks Cranny, as is done in the game. Nook sets her to work as is normal in the games, and he sends her out immediately to deliver. In this way, she meets Rosie(Bouquet), Whitney(Bianca), Alfonso(Halberd), Yu, The Able Sisters, Margie(Sally-chan),  and then returns to Nooks to tell him her work is complete. Down by the beach, she meets Yu again, and a spider, cockroach, and finally a net hit her in the face. It ends with her screaming in disgust.

 The next day, while delivering to Apollo, Yu again knocks her down, this time into Apollo's precious blue roses. Angered, Mr. Ressetti  appears, and talks for sometime about town rules. Then, letting her off with a warning, since it wasn't her fault, he tells her Apollo should be found in the Roost.  After deliveries, she stops to say hello to Margie, and the two get along very well. At the end of an analogy involving cherry pie and talent, Margie gives her some fruit and they part. You also are introduced to Hopper and Champ. (Minor Characters)

Upon entering the Museum, the location of the Roost Café, she encounters an almost-complete fossil exhibit, and shrieks. Blathers(Futo) and Celeste(Fuko) (Brother and Sister who own the Museum) come to see  whats the matter. Celeste then shows her the entrance to the Roost. Here Ai meets Cesar and Cyrano. They mention that Apollo has been upset of late, and abruptly stop when he enters the Roost. Ai, upon questioning admits to accidentally crushing the flowers.

  Later, Ai finds a note in a bottle, telling her to plant a conifer tree on the Snow Festival day and something magical will happen. She will later receive many more messages like the 1st. The second includes a map showing her where to plant the trees. Then there are two missives hinting to the writers identity.

  During the Summer, Yu and Alfonso force Rosie, Ai and Margie to help them find the one fossil needed to complete the collection in the museum. While climbing up a rocky wall in a cave, Yu and the others barely escape as a misstep brings down the wall. Meanwhile, Kotobuki/Tortimer runs into Pascal--literally.  That night, they see K.K. Slider preform live at a festival, where he sings K.K. Rhythm upon Margie/Sally's request. 

   A few days later, Rosie mentions that Margie has moved away to fulfill her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Ai had had no idea that she was leaving. These designs are reminiscent of the ones shown in Gracie Grace, in Animal Crossing City Folk, and some of the Able Sister's own desgins. 

   Ai, while upset, soon gets over her loss. However, a few days after that, she comes across Weddell huddled by the sea, starved as per usual. While she's giving him ongiri, Pete the mail man shows up with a letter from Sally. When she goes back in, Weddell is gone.

 But all is not over, for during the snow festival, when Ai plants the conifer as instructed, Gulliver crashes in town. He begs them to find the  pieces of his broken ship. The friends return to the cave visited in  Summer to search, and find that Margie has returned to visit. And the boys crash through the ice, after Yu climbs up the fossil to retrive the part resting on top.  But THAT one's not a real piece of the ship. Our  friend, the little monkey, has found Gulliver's piece, but Ai and the others have found a real Alien!But it was hunt, bumping into Gulliver, which is was caused them to crash. Which, after being healed, creates a constellation of Ai!

It turns out Gulliver sent all those messages in the bottles, and when seen from above, creates a Star in the center of a circle.  The movie ends with Jacobs Ladder, the flower that only appears in a perfect town.

 Here's the trailer:

I highly recommend this, as a movie to watch in your spare time. Don't worry, they have subtitles.

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 All pictures from Link above. Don't use the movie links from there, use You-tube's The8bitgameralt's for the full movie, in 8 parts... Via the last episode there is supposedly a download for the original soundtrack. * there is a sound file, however it's in rar form, which is incompatible w/itunes. so you'll have to convert it. don't ask me how.*


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