Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beast Hunt

 While not well known, and as far as I know, only available online,  Beast Hunt isn't your run of the mill amateur manga. It's very well drawn,and has a good story line, which is sure to improve in the third chapter. That's really the worst part of Beast Hunt, that it's only up to the end of chapter 2...

  While traveling with his father, Astir finds a mysterious sword hidden deep in a forest. Four years later however, Astir finds himself in yet another forest, traveling on his way to a school that will, in time, help him become a powerful warrior. While pausing to find his way, Astir is attacked by a "free hugs" zombie, and is rescued by Amroth, a local weapons and magical artifacts dealer.

  Upon arrival, he immediately offends the schools only other student- the curtain wearing Jidai, whom he mistakes for a woman...

 The schools headmaster, Katerfield, unwisely allows them to duel, unwisely because it carries on through several hours.....

Please read the rest of chapter 2 to find out what else is in store.


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