Thursday, December 23, 2010

The World only God Knows Season 1 End

 Season News:
The last episode of the season, episode 12, was released on the 22nd, and there is a second season coming in April, 2011.

Episode Summary:
There is NO real girl for Keima to conquer in this episode, just like in an earlier episode.  This is because most of the episodes where human girls are conquered require an additional episode to complete.

  Frustrated by the lack of time he spends gaming, and the "shameful backlog" of new games, Keima  enters  God of Conquest mode, wherein, Keima battles 6 games at once, on a large screen, while Elci looks on in amazement. *This is the 1st time Keima's room is shown. While in the middle of this mode, replaying multiple Princess Derby games at once, there is a loud bang and his consoles fuses blow. When Elci comes to check on him, he is hovering in the air, in some sort of relaxation pose. Keima is awakened from his sleep to the persistent buzzing of one of his games, and continues to play.

  Keima ups his game to 24 games at a time, since 6 will no longer due. When he collapses from exhaustion, Elci makes him leave his room and take a walk. Of course, he brings along some handhelds too. Elci begins to berate him about how sad and pathetic his life is, locked away playing games, and Keima, instead of giving her a long monologue as before, explains to her why he loves the games, and how they provide him with all the company he needs.

  With only one game left to play, Keima almost falls asleep from pure exhaustion, only to begin to hallucinate that all the characters he's conquered leave their screens to give him encouragement.   It's kinda creepy to be perfectly honest. At the end, all the characters take Keima into their world, and then a new ending song rolls. Which is REALLY bad.. painful to listen to. However you need to suffer trough it, because, at the end, there are some hints for season 2. For instance: A game version of Elci appears to challenge Keima.

Season Recap:
After signing a contract with daemons and hell, Keima is forced to hunt down loose souls or lose his head. Elci ( the daemon) buys her way into Keima's house by telling his mother that she is the bastard child of Keima's father.  By the end of the season, they've defeated 4 loose souls.

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